Available Episodes

S9 | E13 The Purge 41 min
S9 | E13 Supernatural 41 min
Sam and Dean work undercover at a spa to investigate murders in which the victims were hundreds of pounds lighter after their deaths. All of the victims attended the spa for weight loss; and the brothers suspect that witches are to blame. ..More
S9 | E14 Captives 41 min
S9 | E14 Supernatural 41 min
Sam and Dean are shocked to discover that the Men of Letters' bunker is haunted. ..More
S9 | E15 #THINMAN 42 min
S9 | E15 Supernatural 42 min
Sam and Dean investigate a girl's death that may be linked to a ghost. Their probe leads them to encounter Harry and Ed, two famous supernaturalists, who are also on the case. ..More
S9 | E16 Blade Runners 41 min
S9 | E16 Supernatural 41 min
Sam and Dean get help from a former member of the Men of Letters to locate the First Blade, after Crowley falls off the wagon and starts injecting himself with human blood. ..More
S9 | E22 Stairway to Heaven 41 min
S9 | E22 Supernatural 41 min
Tessa the reaper returns and leads a conspiracy against Castiel's angel followers. Meanwhile, Dean is eager to use the First Blade when the angels are attacked, but Sam worries about the cost to his brother whenever he uses it. ..More
S9 | E23 Supernatural 42 min
Dean is feeling the effects of the First Blade. Meanwhile, Metatron makes his move against humanity, as Sam, Dean and Castiel try to stop him. ..More