Available Episodes

S4 | E1 Chapter One: Betrayal 45 min
S4 | E1 Claws 45 min
With the casino gone, Desna is prepared to return to her roots as a money laundering nail mogul, which proves to be more difficult than expected, propelling her and the crew further into a world of criminality. ..More
S4 | E2 Chapter Two: Vengeance 46 min
S4 | E2 Claws 46 min
Desna's plan to sell Oxy to a higher-class clientele is quickly sabotaged by Uncle Daddy and Quiet Ann, escalating the drug war. ..More
S4 | E3 Chapter Three: Ambition 46 min
S4 | E3 Claws 46 min
Desna launches Claws Up, her new multi-level Oxy sales operation, employing some of her most loyal clients as dealers and recruiters - à la Mary Kay. Tension rises for the crew as they attempt to manage a criminal enterprise from the top. ..More
S4 | E4 Chapter Four: Loyalty 46 min
S4 | E4 Claws 46 min
Desna and her crew begin to enjoy the benefits of their newfound success until it's discovered someone is stealing and reselling their pills under a different label. Desna and her girls must confront this person - with deadly consequences. ..More
S4 | E5 Claws 46 min
Feeling guilty for Jenn and Bryce losing custody of their children, Desna offers them use of her condo, where Jenn begins secretly taking Oxy to steady her nerves. ..More