American Race
S1 | E1 Baltimore Rising 41 min
S1 | E1 American Race 41 min
Charles Barkley sets off on a journey across America to discuss race, beginning in Baltimore, Maryland., a city central to the Black Lives Matter movement, where he embeds with community and police. ..More
American Race
S1 | E2 Muslim Is the New Black 41 min
S1 | E2 American Race 41 min
Barkley heads to Irving, Texas, a city in turmoil in the wake of a local ordinance banning "foreign laws" and armed protests against the local mosque. ..More
American Race
S1 | E3 American Race 41 min
Barkley travels to LA, where he discusses racial stereotypes with consumers and industry pros, including Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead and artist-entrepreneur Ice-Cube, and visits with improv legends, The Upright Citizens Brigade. ..More
American Race
S1 | E4 American Race 41 min
Barkley heads to Atlanta, where he meets undocumented residents and civic leaders who use social media to organize their opposition to new immigration policies and gets an audience with C.T. Vivian, a legend of the civil rights movement. ..More